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Home automation is now an affordable luxury for everyone in every home. 

Get comfortable with the convenience of control. We've taken the complexity out of connectivity in the home, making technology simple, to complement your lifestyle. You can now control what you'd like, when and how you'd like. It's never been this simple - get connected today.

Smart homes used to be a thing of the future.  Well the future as arrived and the reality of a fully connected smart home is now.  Any home can be retrofitted with our Powermesh range of connected smart switches and power points without any costly rewiring, allowing you to update your home effortlessly and affordably.  The Zimi operating system controls all off the Powermesh range of switches and power points simply from an app on your phone or by simply using your voice via the Google Assistant or Alexa.

How are Powermesh devices connected to each other?

Traditionally smart devices connect to each other through a central hub across a wireless network.  The problem with this approach is that the devices depend on a stable wireless connection and the further a device is from the hub the weaker the connection.  Powermesh products communicate with each other across blue tooth, each bluetooth enabled devices connects to the next creating a stable a connected mesh of smart devices.  Every device you add to the network makes the network stronger and there are no limitations where you can put a smart device.

To communicate with a device a command simply goes to the nearest Powermesh device and relays the message across the Powermesh network to the appropriate device.  This provides better response times across a reliable and stable network of connected devices.

What are the features of a Powermesh connected smart home?

  • You can schedule any of your devices to turn on or off at a set time
  • You can control your smart home by the touch of a button, through the Zimi app on your phone or with your voice using Google Voice Assistant or Alexa
  • You can control your home from anywhere you like even when you are not at home
  • It is easy to install with no costly additional wiring
  • The system can be retrofitted to any home
  • Powermesh is one of the most affordable smart home solutions on the market

What are the benefits of having a Powermesh connected smart home?

  • Save you money: You can control manage the energy consumption of home potentially saving you thousands of dollars.  Devices normally draining electricity on standby can be programmed to switch on an off.  The Zimi app provides you with energy consumption data for your home so you can ensure your home is running at its most efficient
  • Peace of mind: You can schedule lights to come on when you are not at home, check that the garage door is down, ensure that potentially hazardous electrical items (such as irons and sandwhich toasters) automatically switch off after use
  • Lifestyle and comfort: With Zimi's programmable app you can program lights to come on, blinds to come down and the heating to switch on without even lifting a finger
  • Start small and build your connected home: Powermesh allows you to start converting your home to a connected smart home with just one device - and then you can ‘add on’ extra devices to suit your budget and evolving needs
  • Simple and quick to install: Any electrician can install Powermesh into your home within minutes
Learn how simple the Powermesh technology can make every day life easier with the Mesh Master Desk of Cards or view our our Know Your Product Videos for more information: 

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You can also visit www.gsme.com.au/zimi-life or check out the videos below and let Danni explain!



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