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Puma range of full coverplate switches and sockets

Our Puma Full Cover Plate Range (Looks like the C2000 Series*) is a full family of switches and sockets with some features and benefits brought back for the electrical contractor.
  • A range of choice since the early 1990’s where the market had an appetite for the full cover plate look which has endured ever since. It now comes with three new leading range lines in the form of fully integrated USB offers to improve its range appeal and depth unique to Trader over the Classic Range*
  • The Puma's look has market dominance in Australia and is the powerful cat across the country. Used in force in most markets for both the new build market and certainly retrofit environments where matching up a previous install is necessary and great for maintenance work of the same product.  To this end...It is totally interchangeable with Clipsal's C2000 series* equivalent and unlike Classic* has a screwed on base, not clipped on. Back to 'old school' expectations. 
  • Made of UV stabilized Polycarbonate, our Puma does not discolor as it is made of Polycarbonate where others have chosen a different cover plate material.
  • It also has a cable tie function on the back to assist contractors in the non use of a Shroud. Classic* does not have this. If you still need a Shroud use the  HYSHR - Its a beauty! 
  • The Puma is in high demand given the enormous existing coverage across Australia in wholesale and vans from our competitor and it is positioned very attractively on price through your Australian Electrical Wholesaler of choice for your next job or major project.
  • Contact us for a sample - service@gsme.com.au

No need to change out your van – you can make a seamless transition from Classic* to Puma.

Puma Vandal Proof Range now available! Click here for more information!

  • Puma's Vandal Proof Range is now available in 1 gang 10A and 15A Powerpoints and 1-6 Gang Blank Plates.
  • For extra strength, we supply Switch Mech Security Screws ideal for Puma Vandal Proof.  Click here for more information.

* All similar products are Clipsal references and Clipsal is the Trademark of Schneider Electric Pty Ltd.

Puma Downloads

Snow Leopard
Flat Cat
Arctic Owl

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