The most Familiar Slim Range in Australia to Replace Slimline*

Homeowners and Builders Love Slim Switches and Sockets

Your Best Slim Option and True Alternative to Clipsal Slimlime SC2000 Series* now discontinued

Our Flat Cat 'The Slimmest Range' is a full family of switches and sockets for the electrical contractor in Australia.
  • There is now NO Clipsal Slimline* on the market therefore The Flat Cat is the Contractor's new equivalent slim choice to put to your builder or Home Owner.  
  • The range is slim (4.5mm thin) and complete with the Orange Dolly indicator as was the case with Slimline* 
  • Made of UV stabilized Polycarbonate, our Flat Cat does not discolor.
  • The Flat Cat switch aperture first a 30 Series Clipsal* Mechanism so a transition to Flat Cat from Slimline* is seamless. We are compatible with Clipsal* mechs.
  •  Other slim products on the market have a mech shape unique to their own plates which is an inconvenience for the contractor and ranging more than one shape and size mech is costly for the contractor. Not an issue with Trader.
  • Flat Cat is available in white and also in black upon entry to the market.
  • Available across Australia and it is positioned attractively on price against similar competitors through your Australian Electrical Wholesaler of choice for your next job or major project.
  • If you once used Slimline, Flat Cat is your new slim choice in switches and sockets.
  • Contact us for a sample -

* All similar products are Clipsal references and Clipsal is the Trademark of Schneider Electric Pty Ltd.

Flat Cat Downloads

  • Data Sheet
    Data Sheet

    Download the Flat Cat Data Sheet to see all the Product Technical Description

  • Range Flyer
    Range Flyer

    Download our Flat Cat Range Flyer to see why you should use our Newest Range of Slim Switches & Sockets

Snow Leopard
Flat Cat

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