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Puma – the Ultimate Entertainer!

November 16, 2018

Puma – the Ultimate Entertainer!

Puma – the Ultimate Entertainer!

Home theatres, studies, games rooms even the humble lounge room and bedroom are all hubs for devices like televisions, screens, gaming consoles, streaming services, DVD’s, speaker systems…..the list goes on!

Here are six products from our Puma range that will make sure your entertainment products are ready for action!


Entertainment Plate (PUENTP3G / PUENTP3GTVA) – Avoid those awkward right angles with our new style of plate.  Available either populated or unpopulated, this new solutions means cabling remains neat and tidy hidden in the wall panel, perfect for behind the television.




Dual USB Fully Integrated Power Point (PUPP2USB2G) – A great addition to a bedroom, charge either via the power point or direct into one of two USB ports.  Place behind a bedside table with the convenience of charging your device overnight, whilst still in reach.  Why not add a Brushed Aluminium cover for a modern finish.



Shelf – Add a Puma Shelf (PUPPSHELF) to a Puma standard power point or even better, the dual USB version (PUPPUSBSHELF) to keep your device off benchtops or desks whist charging. A little innovation goes a long way!




USB Plates – Sick of arguments on who is charging their device next?  Our full cover plate style features four, yes four, USB outlets (PUUSB4G)!  This product contains two groups of USB power supplies rated at 3.1A, 5V when one device is inserted - then it divides when a device is inserted in each USB socket. Also available with two USB outlets (PUUSB2G).



4x4 (PU4x4) – The ultimate power point with four power outlets and four USB outlets – this truly is the most ‘pimped up’ version of a power point you’ll find with many already finding their way into homes around the country. Also available in black! The 4x4 also featured in our recent blog 8 Trader Switches and Sockets that consumers (and electricians!) will love! See what else made the list!


Big 4 (PUBIG4) & Big 5 (PUBIG5) – Go big or go home (or perhaps it should be home theatre)! If four power points aren’t enough, upgrade to five! The perfect solution to power everything you need for an awesome cinema experience at home.




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