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Get your PAWS on your NEW PAWS REWARDS!

October 04, 2019

Get your PAWS on your NEW PAWS REWARDS!

We are excited to add 7 new offers to our Trader App Paw Store!
Launching in October, here are the offers joining our Trader Jacket and Powermesh Buy One Get One Free offers;
  • Earn 100 Paws = Limited Edition 6pk of our Fluffy Holders
  • Earn 100 Paws on Snow Leopard purchases from 1st October 2019 = Snow Leopard Business Buddy Board  
  • Earn 70 Paws on Leopard purchases from 1st October 2019 = Leopard Business Buddy Board
  • Earn 70 Paws on Flat Cat purchases from 1st October 2019 = Flat Cat Business Buddy Board
  • Earn 100 Paws on SCDL purchases from 1st October – 13th December 2019 = FREE Floodlight (SCFL20)
  • Earn 100 Paws on DIMR purchases from 1st October – 13th December 2019 = FREE 6pk SCDL’s
  • Earn 100 Paws on DIMPR purchases from 1st October – 13th December 2019 = FREE 6pk SCDL’s




So how do you earn Paws and redeem these offers?

Simply download the Trader app from your device’s App Store and sign up! Tap on the logos below to make a start.



If you have an Apple device, have updated to iOS 13 and your App isn't working, please delete the app and reinstall.

Purchase your Trader product as you normally would via your preferred Electrical Wholesaler. Then build an order in the Trader App that corresponds to the Trader product on your invoice. When you complete your order, select the option to upload your proof of purchase and take a photo of your invoice to complete your order. Check out this video to see it in action!

One you have earnt enough Paws, you will be able to redeem from the Paw Store – you'll find it on the Home screen within the app. Select the redemption item you wish to claim, complete any prompts it requires, we’ll check it’s all ok and then dispatch your item.

There are terms and conditions associated with each offer – click here to have a closer look and also read the information below.


  • Paws currently in your Trader App account will not be removed. They can be used to redeem another Jacket or 6 pack of Trader Fluffy Stubby Holders.
  • SPECIFIC PRODUCT OFFERS - Paws can be earnt across multiple invoices, as long as they are on purchases within the date specified. Invoices will be validated and redemptions may be rejected (and Paws refunded) if correct products have not been purchased. Paws earnt on other Trader products that also include app promo products in this case - Snow Leopard, Leopard, Flat Cat, SCDL, DIMR and DIMPR on an invoice, will be added to your total, but cannot be used toward product specific offers in this case – Business Buddy Board Bonus, Free SCFL20, Free 6pk SCDL. PLEASE CHECK YOU HAVE EARNT THE CORRECT PAWS RELATED TO THE SPECIFIC PRODUCT REQUIRED BEFORE REDEEMING!
  • Individual offers can only be redeemed once per App User.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Trader App to access these offers.

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